NAMIC Member Groups

Leading Beyond the Walls

In keeping with our mission to educate, empower, and advocate for multi-ethnicity within the communications industry, NAMIC is launching Member Groups. This new initiative will amplify members voices within our diverse organization and the community.

Member groups offer an opportunity to define, recognize and support our members with shared professional interests. Member groups differ from NAMIC chapters in that they are formed by members' shared professional interests versus geographic location.

Core Member Groups

The Inclusion and Collaboration Group shares best practices and solutions to address business challenges, and identify effective approaches to create a diverse and inclusive industry. This group may be made up of executives responsible for building diversity and inclusion (D&I) programs and teams, ranging from chief diversity officers to individuals in related roles dedicated to creating positive and inclusive workplaces.

The Strategy & Business Development Group offers educational and networking opportunities for executives responsible for providing strategic business leadership in their company’s growth initiatives. This includes planning, development, and execution of strategic plans; gathering and interpreting market intelligence; informing mergers and acquisitions; promoting innovation within the industry.

The Programming and Content Group fosters cross-industry innovation, collaboration, and networking opportunities for executives responsible for creating content and programs that adapt to market forces to deliver value to consumers. Members share industry best practices, latest industry trends, and distribution strategy.

The Marketing and Communications Group consists of senior executives responsible for marketing, branding, strategic communications, public affairs, media relations, or general public engagement. This group works in partnership with NAMIC to provide content that supports and enhances awareness of industry best practices.

5 Ways You Can Benefit from the NAMIC Member Groups

Shared Interests

Unlike geographic chapters, member groups are created around shared interests, knowledge or expertise.


But like chapters they require leadership and clear objectives to remain relevant and beneficial to members.


Member groups will offer additional benefits for NAMIC members, such a access to subject-specific information and resources, educational opportunities, networking with like-minded peers, and increased volunteer leadership opportunities.

Sharing Ideas

It provides a national network of peers, and is particularly helpful for sharing ideas from others with similar interests or challenges.


Member groups will serve as a resource to NAMIC by carrying out activities and programs designed to address the specific needs of the industry in respective disciplines.