Annual NAMIC Conference

38th Annual NAMIC Conference
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37th Annual Conference

Our Legacy. A Mosaic of Possibilities

The 37th Annual NAMIC Conference will be held on September 19-20, 2023 at the New York Marriott Marquis. NAMIC has been a convener and leader in the diversity, equity and inclusion space for more than 40 years, drawing hundreds of early-career to experienced professionals to our annual conference each year.


36th Annual Conference

Resilience: The Courage to Lead

The conference theme, “Resilience: The Courage to Lead”— underscores the strength the media, entertainment and technology industries have embodied to overcome improbable challenges in business over the past two years. NAMIC stands for courageous leadership. Our 2022 Annual Conference will feature the very people who were at the helm when public health threatened the foundation of our industry.


35th Annual Conference

Removing Obstacles. Magnifying Opportunities

The conference theme, “Removing Obstacles. Magnifying Opportunities,” shines a light on one of the most pressing issues facing the communications and cable industry: how to improve diversity, equity, access and inclusion in the industry.


34th Annual Conference

Building a Legacy: The Future is Now

This year marks 40 years of service to the cable and communications industry. We have been navigating a new normal amid a pandemic and as our country faces an empowered push for justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion. What we do today will help us to forge new paths for tomorrow. 


33rd Annual Conference

Breaking Barriers: The Multicultural Media Agenda

Nearly 400 people from across the United States and Canada attended the 33rd Annual NAMIC Conference, which featured the theme “Breaking Barriers: The Multicultural Media Agenda.” The event included a fireside chat with Michael S. Steele, former chairman of the Republican National Committee and political analyst for MSNBC; remarks by honorary co-chairs Michael Powell, president and CEO of NCTA, and Pat Esser, president of Cox Communications; a series of panel discussions with industry notables; and educational breakout sessions on a variety of topics, ranging from emotional intelligence to 10G vs. 5G.


32nd Annual Conference

Empower Leaders. Create Superheroes.

This year’s annual NAMIC conference illuminates multiculturalism by inviting professionals to POWER UP their skills, BLAST THROUGH barriers to creativity, and SOAR to new heights of knowledge and courage.


31st Annual Conference

Diversity at the Speed of Change

The communications industry is evolving at an exhilarating rate. The 31st Annual NAMIC Conference provides the space to explore diversity and inclusion in the new business landscape. Multiculturalism takes center stage in the era of globalization, business innovation and shifting workforce dynamics.

Our theme – Diversity at the Speed of Change – captures our rapidly revolutionizing industry. Always fresh and insightful, the Annual NAMIC Conference is where diversity advocates at every level prepare for the industry’s future. Join NAMIC as we celebrate and amplify voices from across the cultural spectrum.


30th Annual Conference

Diversity 3.0 – Innovation Through Inclusion

The NAMIC Conference is our industry’s most comprehensive forum addressing diversity and inclusion as a business imperative. Tackling this new era of disruption, our 30th Anniversary theme is Diversity 3.0 – Innovation through inclusion.

Always fresh and insightful, the Annual NAMIC Conference is where diversity champions at every level prepare for the industry’s dynamic future. Join NAMIC as we celebrate three decades of amplifying multiethnic and multicultural voices.


29th Annual Conference

Diversity OTT: Outreach, Talent, Tenacity.

Diversity Week’s premier event. The 29th Annual NAMIC Conference, is going to be Over The Top! This year’s theme is Diversity OTT: Outreach, Talent, Tenacity. OUTREACH is what we do; TALENT is what we develop- -with a TENACITY that after 35 years continues to grow stronger.

Join us for this day and a half symposium featuring an agenda that explores programming, marketing, operations, technology, leadership, career development, and the creation of sustainable diversity change strategies.


28th Annual Conference

Turn It Up : Activate Your Power. Ignite Your Future.

Intensified knowledge, amplified perspective, reinvigorated motivation, increased diversity, bolstered innovation…Turn It Up at the 28th Annual NAMIC Conference. As the media and entertainment industry engages and serves an increasingly diversified marketplace, activate the power within your career to be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow and ignite a future beyond imagination. Delve into two empowering days of professional development, including dynamic discussions, interactive workshops and engaging networking opportunities that lead to invaluable career connections. Gain new insight and enhanced perspective on successfully navigating through shifting business, technological and demographic trends. Turn It Up as NAMIC collaborates with professionals at every level, raising the bar on your leadership effectiveness and career performance to activate your power and ignite your future.