Membership & Chapters

When you invest in NAMIC, you invest in yourself. Whether you're new to the communications industry, a seasoned executive or a company looking for highly qualified, diverse employees, NAMIC can help you. Be A Part of NAMIC

If you are not a member, join today. If you are a member, keep your membership up-to-date. Tell company colleagues and others in the industry about NAMIC and encourage them to join.

NAMIC members are of every race and from multiple backgrounds and cultures, but they are all committed to a future in which these differences are strengths. NAMIC believes increased commitment to diversity is simply good business strategy.

Membership Categories (By Job Titles)

Platinum $275
President, Chief Officer, Executive Vice President, Senior Vice President, Vice President, General Manager, Executive Director, Director, Deputy Director, Assistant/Associate Director, Content Producer, Creative and Programming Executive

Gold $150
Manager, Supervisor, Account Executive, Independent Contractor and Freelancer

Silver $75
Coordinator, Customer Service Representative, Associate, Assistant, Technician and Installer (other titles without budget or managerial responsibility)

Student $40
Full-time undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in an accredited college/university (Copy of valid student ID required)

Many NAMIC partner organizations cover the fee for membership. Inquire within your company or call Susan Waldman, Senior Manager, Membership and Publications at 212-594-5985, or email