Chapter Elections


NAMIC is currently recruiting candidates for the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary for chapters. As a member of NAMIC you are invited to participate in this process by either nominating a colleague or self-nominating. If you are nominating a colleague, he or she must be aware that you are doing so before submitting their names for consideration. Officers are elected to a two-year term. As you decide whether or not to run for office or to nominate a colleague, the following should be considered:

  • Be mindful of having diverse representation of your chapter. It is important to consider candidates of varied backgrounds and experiences. Company diversity is equally as important. No one company in any market should dominate the chapter and its leadership.
  • To broaden reach and perspective, NAMIC also seeks candidates of various disciplines and business functions that can contribute their expertise in areas such as programming, revenue generation, membership development, marketing/public relations and financial planning and management.
  • It is paramount that candidates have the support of their employer. They must be accessible to the membership and have the flexibility to participate in NAMIC meetings, both locally and nationally, via conference call and in-person. It is also essential that nominees have access to industry leaders and other industry trade associations, and are familiar with NAMIC’s mission and vision. Dedicated and committed individuals that are willing to work hard are essential to NAMIC’s continued success.
  • Please visit the link below for an overview of chapter officers’ roles and responsibilities and for access to the link for Nominations and the Statement of Candidacy.
  • Becoming a chapter leader provides individuals with a plethora of opportunities to develop leadership and business and strategic management skills.In your role, you will be able to:
    • Build Efficient & Effective Teams 
    • Discover how to Delegate Authority
    • Expedite your Career Development
    • Network with peers, colleagues and other industry leaders
    • Solidify and Justify your place in the media & entertainment industry
    • Develop Your Personal Brand
    • Increase your Exposure and Visibility
    • Polish your Leadership & Management skills
    • And while you’re at it…Have fun!


  1. Chapter Officers’ Roles and Responsibilities Overview
  2. NAMIC Chapter – Statement of Candidacy – Nomination Form
  3. NAMIC Chapter – Statement of Candidacy – Self-Nomination Form

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