NAMIC Change Agent

What does it take to be a NAMIC Change Agent?

  • Leadership – This includes guiding the chapter board through accomplishments and challenges while succession planning for the next team of leaders 
  • Commitment – Attendance to meetings/events and always showing up and putting their best foot forward no matter the circumstance 
  • Ambassador – The voice behind the corporation. Speaking and representing the NAMIC brand in a professional manner
  • Self-Starter – Is able to see the final goal and take the steps necessary to get there without waiting on instruction
  • Collaborator – Ready and willing to work with peers to make something small bigger and better by joining forces

The NAMIC Change Agent Awards are presented to select chapter leaders during the Annual NAMIC Conference, September 19-20, 2023. There is no submission process, fee, or deadline associated with this award. Honorees are selected by NAMIC, Inc. and are informed of the selection prior to the award presentation.


  • Rahdiah Barnes (NAMIC-New York)
  • Danielle Green (NAMIC-Southern California)
  • Maria Holmes (NAMIC-Detroit)


  • Lakysha Laing (NAMIC-Virginia)
  • Charles Neal (NAMIC-Atlanta)
  • Sandy Nunez (NAMIC-Southern California)