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NAMIC Leadership Seminar

View the 2015 Leadership Seminar brochure: (PDF)

Since 2005, the NAMIC Leadership Seminar has assembled top academics and practitioners from across the country to provide a leadership development experience for professionals still in the comparatively early stages of their careers.  The program was created to increase participants’ effectiveness at work, to provide them with the important insights and tools for strategic career planning, and to transform high-potential middle managers into effective leaders.

The Leadership Seminar curriculum reflects today's constantly changing industry landscape, and the professional opportunities (and challenges) that accompany this flux.  The highly-interactive instructional methodology sets the stage for professionals to obtain the knowledge, competencies, and diverse perspectives necessary for maximum performance and career enhancement.  All talented coordinators, supervisors, managers, and new directors (less than two years at that level) from across the cable telecommunication industry's multicultural spectrum are invited to apply.


Continuous learning and leadership development are important for all professionals, but especially for those in the earlier stages of career development.  The NAMIC Leadership Seminar curriculum draws upon the most respected academic research about what it takes to develop into effective leaders in organizations where a high premium is placed on Diversity and Inclusion as a strategic business imperative.  The faculty--subject matter experts, authors, and lecturers from prestigious academic institutions--will lead robust conversations and exercises to help participants accomplish the following:

  • Explore professional strengths and performance-related developmental gaps
  • Chart a course of enhancing individual leadership potential
  • Master techniques for giving and receiving motivating feedback
  • Become familiar with the tools for effective problem solving, conflict resolution, and decision-making in a diverse environment
  • Understand and practice the skills involved in managing UP
  • Appreciate the notion of Diversity and Inclusion as a core organizational value and not just a human resources-driven tactic
  • Create a career management template

The program is designed to help participants maximize strengths, fill in development gaps, raise the bar on performance in current roles, and plan courageously AND STRATEGICALLY for continuous growth and advancement.

The Leadership Seminar is offered in industry markets throughout the country. A maximum of 40 applicants will be selected for each session.

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