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In 1999, NAMIC published its first comprehensive workforce study, A Look Toward Advancement: Multi-ethnic Employment in the Cable Industry–a baseline assessment of statistics and perceptions about the state of multi-ethnic diversity in the cable telecommunications industry.

WICT PAR Initiative

In 2011, with a generous grant from the Walter Kaitz Foundation, the revamped NAMIC AIM (Advancement Investment Measurement) merged with the WICT PAR (Pay Equity, Advancement Opportunities, and Resources for Work/Life Integration) Initiative, to create a joint benchmarking survey gauging gender and ethnic diversity in the industry.

In 2015 NAMIC and WICT are conducting a joint workplace diversity survey for the next editions of the NAMIC AIM (Advancement Investment Measurement) and the WICT PAR Initiative.

The survey launched on Friday, January 30 and the deadline is Friday, March 20.

If you would like to participate in the survey, please contact Peter Bok( or Gail Greenfield (

As part of Mercer’s confidential diversity scorecard, each survey participant will receive customized representation benchmarks reflecting the demographics of the key labor markets in which they operate. In addition, Mercer will provide an Internal Labor Market (ILM) map showing the flow of people of color and women throughout your organization and projections of how the diversity make-up at management levels can be expected to change over the next five years. And new in 2015, Mercer representatives will be available post-survey for a 60-minute private review sessions to explain findings from your confidential scorecard.

Mercer held a webinar to provide information about the survey process and review the overall survey format. Please click here to view the archived webinar.

To view the 2013 Executive Report, click the image below.


To view the Internal Labor Market (ILM) maps, click the image below.

Click here to view the webinar hosted by Mercer on April 25th, 2013 to provide information about the survey process, review the overall survey format, and answer questions about this important initiative.

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