Maximizing 21st Century Multicultural Teams

The NAMIC Maximizing Multicultural Teams Workshop was created for all managers and leaders in the communications industry, regardless of their cultural and ethnic backgrounds, who have responsibility for delivering business results through unleashing the creative problem solving of multicultural teams.

The ability to maximize the output of any team ─ especially one that is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds, problem solving styles, and cultural contexts ─ rests heavily on the quality of the team leadership.

By fostering and nurturing a team environment where all members are valued for their unique contributions, companies in the telecommunications industry reap the benefits of an invaluable synergy.

The goal of getting a group of individuals to operate in a systematic, unifying way towards a common vision, becomes even more complex in a culturally diverse environment where norms, values, expectations, traditions and priorities of team members coming from different world views may seem out of sync, foreign, and even threatening.

NAMIC’s Maximizing Multicultural Teams Workshop builds upon the learning regarding team effectiveness in the two NAMIC education programs that target professionals of color and uses this as a foundation for a new, more culturally inclusive curriculum.

For an organizational diversity change agenda to be effective and sustainable, it is essential that eventually there is a dialogue—not always simple—from which all stakeholders may experience new awareness, new understanding, and a new language of cultural competence and intercultural cohesion.

The goals of the Maximizing Multicultural Teams Workshop are as follows:

  • Make participants aware of individual, interpersonal, and team skills required to lead multicultural teams effectively
  • Provide insight and information about cultural scripts for Anglo-White, African- African-American, Latino, Asian, male and female professionals
  • Provide a greater understanding of the power and limitations of perception
  • Give participants the tools to assess their own effectiveness as team players
  • Practice listening, feedback, conflict management, minority influence and leadership skills.
  • Strengthen the commitment to use acquired knowledge and skills to be more effective in professional relationships that span cultural boundaries

The program design is a two-day curriculum that can be implemented within a single company or made available to managers from a number of companies within a given market.

A mix of instructional methodologies (e.g., large and small-group processes, simulations, structured experiences and discussions) will be supported by proven, research-proven diagnostic tools. The curriculum will examine the following:

  • Cross-cultural Teams (Setting the Stage)
  • Individual Leadership Styles
  • Intercultural Sensibility
  • Assessing the Health of the Team
  • Effective Cross-cultural Communication
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Cross-cultural Conflict Resolution
  • Recruiting for Diversity
  • Assessing Performance

This workshop combines research knowledge with observation, practice, and reflection to enhance participants’ ability to lead multicultural teams effectively. It is unique in that it focuses on TEAMS, not individuals or organizations, and DIVERSITY, rather than focusing strictly on either. Throughout the program the facilitators will be intentionally modeling the behaviors required to lead multicultural teams effectively, sharing research and practical insights, while creating a safe learning space for all participants to learn new skills.

For more information about this program,  email or call Jim Jones, Vice President of Education Programs at or 646-545-2504.